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The 2nd World Conference on Arts Education - 25-28 May 2010

UNESCO and the Republic of Korea
would like to invite you to participate in the Second World Conference on Arts Education in Seoul from the 25th to the 28th of May 2010.

It is the 34th session of UNESCO’s General Conference in October 2007 that decided the Second World Conference should take place as soon as possible and accepted the invitation of the Korean Government to host this event.

Following the ongoing preparation through numerous initiatives across the world, this conference in Seoul aims to promote and to reinforce the value of quality arts education for all, in developing a capacity for creativity in the 21st century for youth and all generation.

The significance and value of arts education has already been underlined and expressed in the "Road Map for Arts Education", resulting from the First World Conference on Arts Education held in Lisbon, Portugal, in 2006. It is now the time to focus on encouraging the implementation of the "Road Map". Furthermore, this new global encounter in Seoul of art education actors will target to highlight the socio-cultural dimensions of arts education and reinforce research and knowledge of practices, ensuing from new conceptual and methodological tools.

We particularly hope that the Conference in Seoul will contribute to the elaboration of new strategies and strengthen collaboration between the main actors: national authorities, local governments, teachers, artists, researchers, associations and NGOs, to work together towards developing practices and reinforcing the position of arts education in schools as well as within societies.

Our aim is that the Conference results in raising further awareness of the role, which arts education can play in all countries, in favour of communities and people of all conditions, in the spirit of peace and in respect of cultural diversity. In consequence, we expect to strengthen the will to make arts education even more creative and effective in the world of today and tomorrow.

It is in this perspective that we are honoured to request your participation in the Second World Conference on Arts Education and we thank you in advance for your attendance.

Title: “The 2nd World Conference on Arts Education”
Host: Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, UNESCO
Coordinator: Organizing Committee for the 2nd World Conference on Arts Education
Date: 2010.May 25 -28
Venue: COEX, South Korea
Participants: 193 countries, approximately 2,000 people
- Pre-conference (5.24): UNESCO Int’l Advisory Committee Meeting, International youth forum
- Main-conference (5.25-28): Plenary session, Ministerial Round table, Special sessions (Regional discussion, International NGO forum), Announcing Seoul declaration
- Cultural Program: Opening/Closing Ceremony, Exhibition and Reception, Tour program



Please go to the Registration on the website and enter your personal information and short bio.
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Email 2010artsedu@korea.kr
Website www.artsedu2010.kr

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